Presidents Message

Hello Everyone,

Although our speaker for this past meeting was Emmaus Borough Manager, Shane Pepe, which seemingly limits the area of interest, I would say that that would be a mistake. I say that because our organization centers on the East Penn School District geographic area and thus every municipality within that area has a profound touch on the whole.

Think of it as maybe you live in Macungie, however you may drive through Emmaus or Lower Macungie. Well what if some of those roads are going to be worked on and it happens to be the one you commute on every day to work? Or Sewage and developments, as you know Lower Mac, Upper Milford and Emmaus have a joint, sort of, development going on for the over 55 client where the former Indian Creek golf course used to be. That sewage has to pass through Emmaus and may need to be upgraded to accommodate, thus creating potential sewage concerns for other municipalities to deal with.

My point, Mr. Pepe gave a very informative presentation on topics pertinent for all to hear.

One of them was the relocation of all safety services in Emmaus; fire, ambulance and police, to a new location located at a site, the former Rodale main building; where there are major traffic flow concerns that probably will have considerable detrimental effect to response time. According to Pepe, there are 80 trains a day that go through Emmaus and that will have a direct detrimental effect on response times for the fire and ambulance service provided. Remember that both of these services are not restricted to Emmaus. So when seconds matter and it takes additional minutes to respond, it could be your family member that matters, even if you live just outside of Emmaus in Lower Mac. or Upper Milford.

For all those that were unable to attend the meeting we provide a video for viewing at your leisure, so check it out and learn what your neighbors are up to that may have a bigger effect on you than you think.

Thanks again for your interest and support of our CEPTA organization and we hope to see you next month on October 20th, till then have a safe and enjoyable September.


John Donches

President C.E.P.T.A.