President’s letter

CEPTA event 4/21/2015

“State of the Lehigh County”


Last night’s C.E.P.T.A. event was a great way to meet a few of your elected Lehigh County Commissioners and other elected officials that also came to listen to this presentation.

We had Lehigh County Commissioners Amanda Holt, Vic Mazziotti, Mike Schware and Commission president Brad Osborne able to attend and give an excellent presentation of what they are responsible for and how they as board members handle the County’s ~350 plus million dollar budget.

Other elected officials that were also present; Tom Muller the Lehigh County Executive, Lynn Donches an East Penn School District Board member, and Ron Beitler who is on the board of Lower Macungie Twp. All but Mr. Tom Muller stayed afterwards to partake in the meet and greet with the 40 plus members and guests in attendance.

the Commissioners 2 at CEPTA 4'21'2015 State of County

We at C.E.P.T.A thank and appreciate all the elected officials for attending enabling citizens to meet and discuss issues of importance with them. Thank you to our members and guests for all the questions you asked so we can all hear how elected officials answer. True government works with transparency and respect and the Commissioners presentation showed how government can work, placing the citizen at the top of the government pyramid.

Our flyer mentioned it was not easy being able to get the max number of Commissioners to attend as possible. Since there are nine members of the Commission, four is the max number of Commissioners that can meet together so that a quorum is not made, also since they have committees of three if there would have been any two of them on a committee they would not have been able to attend. So we and the guests lucked out, especially since Mr. Mazziotti was ill with a cold but still came out to explain his views and direction.

The Commissioners provided a power-point presentation to highlight the major areas of government and services that the County provides the citizens, how much they cost, how the revenue is divided among the services and how for the last few years the full board has worked together to provide actual tax cuts and give money back to the taxpayer all while not cutting services or using any of the so called rainy day fund.

It appears that they won’t be raising the County taxes for this next year either and the budgeted deficit of $7,000,000.00 turned out to actually be a $2,000,000.00 surplus.

We can all thank this Commission for their dedicated work and for having a truly good understanding of the workings of the County government.

Please check out the video to see exactly how these Commissioners are working to make the County the best place in the State to live.

The true highlight of the meeting was our being able to honor a founding member and beloved friend to many, Mrs. Josephine Sadrovitz.

Josephine Sadrovitz and Julia Sayer

We had a celebration with cake and merriment and all the guests and presenters joined in this special celebration.

We will all miss her dearly as she and her husband Frank did so much as volunteers for our town and surrounding communities. She graced us with one last gathering that we will fondly remember as she will be leaving the area to settle in with family. Of course she is always welcome when she comes back to visit and we’ll let everyone know when she does.

Below is a video of the meeting. We hope to see you at the next meeting.